Why is Towing So Expensive in San Francisco? 6/2/2015

As part of KQED’s Bay Curious program the following questions were answered. Why is towing in San Francisco so expensive? KQED investigated by visiting the lot located on Seventh Street where most vehicles towed by police or SFMTA wind up. Most bills are a two part: a $220.75 towing fee and a $263 admin fee, and if your car is held more than four hours an additional storage fee of $57.25 is added. Towing fee goes to the companies contracted by AutoReturn. The biggest cost of this is the AutoRetun staff salaries and rent. Driver is SF are charged more than other smaller cities in California but pay similar prices to other Bay Area Cities.
The other big chunk of this bill is the $263 administrative fee imposed by San Francisco. That money is used to pay the salaries of 382 parking control officers, said Paul Rose, a spokesman for the SFMTA. Parking is the city is hard and will become more difficult as more that 1,500 spaces are place to be removed to make the city friendlier to bicyclists , pedestrians and transit. Read more from the source. Source

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